Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thank Goodness For My HMO

A few weeks ago, I accidentally sprained my foot on one of the curbs in Ponciano Street, Davao City and it hurt so bad that I almost fainted. We were supposed to go to the cemetery in Matina to visit our mother’s grave but instead I went ahead and hurt my self accidentally and so our little trip ended up detouring to the nearest hospital in Ilustre Street. We were ushered inside the emergency room and had a disappointing experience from the staff from that hospital. They administered first aid on my swollen leg 20 minutes after my arrival all because my sister complained with the head nurse about giving me first aid while they are incapacitated to check on me (probably because they were so understaffed that time).

Although I have a disappointing experience at the hospital’s ER, the point is that I was lucky that I have enrolled on an HMO a week after my resignation. There is really no telling when you get to experience emergency situations so it pays to have an HMO ready so that you will not have any problems with most of your hospital bills. In my case, I was billed 800PhP and since I didn’t bring a lot of cash that day, I need not worry about paying the bill. Thank goodness for my HMO.

As a freelancer and fulltime mom, there are lots of HMO companies that offer individual and family health insurances for people who are not affiliated with big organizations and companies (people who work at companies get group insurances paid for partly by the company and the employees). In my case, I am qualified for family insurance and  I was able to get a discount price if I also get HMO for my daughter. I don’t know in some places but to my knowledge, Davao City has both PhilCare and Maxicare  that both offer  individual and family health insurances so you might want to check them out. Feel free to comment if you know other HMOs that offer family and individual health insurances in Davao. In my case, I am enrolled in Maxicare simply because they offer reasonable rates for single moms like me and  I like the agent assigned to me as she is very expedite and courteous. Below are the contact information of both Maxicare and PhilCare:

3/F FTC Medical Tower
1034 Mt. Apo Street, Davao City
 (082) 305- 2108
(082) 305-8683

3/F FTC Medical Tower
1034 Mt. Apo Street, Davao City
(082) 271-7842       

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