Friday, April 13, 2012

The Rants Of A Mother Against Jollibee

Don’t get me wrong but I loved to eat at Jollibee as a young kid because of the Kiddie Meal with the free toy. In fact, I even kept my collection of Kiddie Meal toys until now. As a young girl, I would look forward every year for my birthday when our mother will take us to Jollibee where we can celebrate. And by celebrating, it does not mean that she will rent out part of the store to have a party but she will just take us there and order our favorite Kiddie Meals.

I have a lot of nostalgic memories with Jollibee but now that I am a mother, I have a lot of rants about the same fast food chain that I so much love as a child especially that my daughter will no longer eat my home cooked meals because she’d rather eat C1 or burger steak at Jollibee. Pleading her to eat her food nor bribing her chocolates if she finished her dinner will no longer work. It has to be Jollibee or else the food will be left untouched. At a young age, my daughter became adamant about bargaining when it comes to food. What’s worse, a new branch was constructed a few months ago near our village so my daughter always asks me to buy her burger steaks whenever we go out because she always see the big sign of the smiling iconic bee. Now, I am thinking of ways to trick her to eat home cooked meals. If we share the same sentiments but you have been successful in making your child eat home cooked meals, then please feel free to share here.

May 17, 2012:

Jollibee named among the world's top food chains

Although I was happy that Jollibee is considered as one of the top fast food chain in the world (move over McDonald's), still this does not change my love-hate relationship with this famed restaurant due to my daughter's eating habits. Nevertheless, kudos to Jollibee!


  1. I, also for a long time enjoyed eating at Jollibee. Only recently I experienced one of the worst service ever in this food chain. This Jollibee is a branch at Insular Life, in Makati. Despite a long waiting line when I came in, only two cashiers were open, and to top it all off, staff were also not able to get our orders right.

    The worst part was ordering a meal for "take home". The cashier mistakenly poured my drink in a glass which, after informing him my order is for "to go", he outrageously yelled at me in front of all the customers about not being clear about my orders. I was not even mad, but the cashier had the guts to be screaming outrageously, without even confirming, clearly written on the receipt, wherein he, in the first place punched my order for "take home". But his behavior is just not acceptable, regardless if customer is at wrong or not, they don't deserve to be yelled at, in front of others. Very disappointing.

    I did not say a single word to that cashier/server/whatever the entire time I waited for my orders to complete. On top of that, he was still talking about how unclear I was about my orders. STOP! Good thing the manager settled my remaining orders and got out of the place as quickly as possible.

    I had taken it to the feedback site of Jollibee and hope they settle this kind of issue at their Insular Life branch.

    1. At all cost, avoid that server/cashier, Marky Pelugro/Marky Pelugo/Pelgrone/Pelgrotesque or something.. Can't remember his name right. But yes he took my order for "take home" and somehow, jumbled out in his mind, assumed it was for dine in. Who knows. No offense to the guy though. He must have been under lots of pressure while serving many customer at the same time.

    2. I feel sorry for your horrible experiences in this fast food chain. Makes you wonder if eating out is really worth it...


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