Friday, April 13, 2012

Where To Look For Freelance Jobs Online

There are lots of sites where you can look for legitimate freelance jobs online and these include:
Description: This site is a great place for both employers and freelancers to meet. The site lists down different kinds of jobs from article writer to website developer. There are lots of projects available for job seekers without even prior experience. The secret to landing a job on this site is to bid often and as much as you can.
Payment: Through site-mediated escrow* or Paypal
* I like the escrow payment they offer because the site does not take a portion of your earnings compared to when the money is deposited in Paypal.
Descriptions: Another great venue for employees and employers to meet up. You can also increase your credential by taking the exams posted in this site. The more credentials and employer reviews you have, the better chances of getting hired on a particular project.
Payment: Paypal
Description: If you hold post-graduate degree (MS or MBA), then scan your transcript of records now and apply as a tutor at this site. You will need to answer home works from students all over the world in a specified time frame. Trust me, you don’t need to feel any pressure as the questions are very easy and very relevant to your field of expertise.
Payment: $5 per homework (PayPal)
Description: If you love to do odd jobs and get paid for $5 per task, then this is the best place for you. Here, you will encounter the weirdest jobs like posing as the virtual girlfriend in Facebook for $5 to the usual freelance jobs. I have fun browsing at the different jobs available here but I have yet to try the weirdest job offers out.
Payment: $5 through PayPal
Description: Geared towards teaching Japanese the English language, RareJob hires students (graduates or not) from the University of the Philippines. Tutors teach at the comforts of their home using Skype to talk to their Japanese students usually from 5pm to 12mn. Due to expansion, they have allowed other people who have graduated from other universities, colleges and schools to become tutors as long as they pass the interview. However, you need an active tutor to refer you to their HR. If you are interested, please give me a message and I can refer you to them. No joke! ^_^
Payment: 120-150PhP per hour (bank transfer through BPI or PNB)

There are more sites where you can look for online jobs. These are just examples of sites where I am earning money now. When looking for one, make sure that you look for legitimate sites. Read reviews and testimonials online if possible to make sure that you are not wasting your time on a particular site. Lastly, these freelance jobs are great in augmenting your salary and you can do this job after your day job as they are less demanding of your time.

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