Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enroll Your Bank Account To Online Banking

I don’t have a lot of savings but I decided to diversify them in three banks anyway regardless of how meager they are. Right now, I have accounts in BDO, Unionbank and BPI- to which all have been enrolled in online banking. As a freelancer, enrolling my bank accounts to online banking is very convenient because I can track my earnings and finances.  Moreover, these accounts have different purposes.

So why these three banks? The fact that these banks have been around for a long time, I also liked the fact that their online banking features are also well established compared with other banks.

While my Unionbank serves as a link to my Paypal and Odesk account,  BDO keeps tracks of my investments. On the other hand, my BPI account is where my salary from my other local online jobs are deposited and this is also the account that I have enrolled to pay my bills online.

The thing is that if you have several bank accounts, it is important that you enroll them to online banking. This will save you a lot of trouble in going to the nearest ATM to make balance inquiries. This feature is so important for me as a freelancer because I have more control over my accounts than before. For instance, I can keep track the money that goes in and out of my account without going to the bank.

Another thing that makes online banking great is that you can get good, if not excellent, customer service. I have time and again badgered the customer representatives of these banks should I encounter problems like lost passwords and such and they have somehow helped me with my demise all the time.

Enrolling your bank accounts online is very convenient. Imagine being overly excited to check your salary  in an ATM only to find out that it has not been deposited yet. That would be too depressing, wouldn’t it?  

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