Monday, November 5, 2012

Children Halloween Party DIY Must-Dos

I know this post might be too late but I just want to post it anyway otherwise I might have to wait for a whole year if I postpone it. Exactly a week ago, my daughter had a Halloween celebration at her school. She had so much fun with the entire event because she got a lot of candies.I also had a lot of fun doing the preparations. It was the time when I was able to show off (er, practice) my DIY prowess when it comes to making Halloween costumes.

The Costume

During the past Halloweens, my daughter donned Goth costumes and there was also a year when she dressed up as a flower fairy. I made all of her costumes and, unfortunately, I was running out of ideas this year. How I wish dressing her up is as simple as draping tissue paper all over her  but this will never do. My daughter simply does not like to dress up in a scary costume. Since time was running out for me, I decided to recycle one of her old Halloween costumes using some other materials including an old red tutu, old stockings, ribbons and black drip tarp. With a few needle works and a lot of creativity (not to mention staple wire), I was able to make another version of Goth-inspired costume for my daughter this year. This leaves me her old flower fairy costume for next year.

Notice the shoes, skirt and the top are the same in both pictures. 
I just have to add some embellishment to change the look of the dress.

 The Loot Bag

On the other hand, Halloween costume for kids are not complete without a loot bag. For her loot bag, I did not buy those mass-produced PVC pumpkins that you will see in shopping stores. What I did is that I made a loot bag out of felt cloth.

Didn’t I mention that I love making things out of felt cloth? Yes, I have a big box that contains different colors of felt cloth in my room. With so much love for felt cloth, I also ended up one time selling felt accessories to the neighborhood kids a year ago. Anyway, I realized that my daughter does not have a loot bag yet so I went ahead and made these bags out of felt cloth. I saw these felt cloth look bags online so the designs are not really mine. Sorry.

The Halloween Treats

I always want to customized things and so for the Halloween treats, I decided not to hand candies to kids. Instead I made Halloween-inspired cake pops and cupcakes. I'll post a tutorial some other time for the cake pops and cupcakes. Seeing the excited faces of the kids provides enough gratification for me. I can't wait for next week.

Cake pop

Cupcake shoes

Graveyard cupcake

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