Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kitchen Misadventures

I guess I have to learn the art of baking without making too much mess!

Ah! Half of February has gone and I haven’t written any new posts for this blog. I was busy learning the art of baking every weekend and my weekdays are also equally busy. But the real reason why I have stalled posting on this blog is that I don’t have anything love-related to write about.  I will be writing full blast only after Valentine’s Day (hahahahah!). And so for this post, I will be telling you about my kitchen (misadventures). Remember that before the start of this year, I decided to take on a new hobby and so this post is just an introduction to my new-found hobby.

The reasons why I got interested in baking is that the bakeshop nearby closed down after 26 years because the building has to be renovated into a commercial duplex (I just wish that the bakeshop will apply as a tenant as soon as the duplex is finished). I don't live in the boondocs and there are other bakeshops nearby but I find that their pastries, cakes and breads do not have the same home-baked goodness as what my favorite bakeshop has. Moreover, God knows what other ingredients these bakeshops also include in their recipes to economize their breads. Here are some of the successful things that came out from the oven.

Butter ensaymada (not yet perfect but getting there). 

Durian pie with whipped cream

Burnt egg tart

Baked empanada

Bibingka cupcake topped with cheese, salted eggs and coconut shavings

Apple cinnamon tarts

First version of mocha cake 

Traditional mini bibingka

Checkerboard cookies

Valentines day marshmallow pops

Checkerboard cake inside the fridge 

Top view of  the checkerboard cake

Tada! This is the reason why it is called a checkerboard cake

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