Wednesday, April 10, 2013

How To Use Old CDs In The Garden

I am the type of person who loves to hold on to old things because I know that I can use them in the near future and so I have amassed quite a number of old CDs overtime. The problem is that I was never really able to make good use of them and it was a while that I was able to find out how to use recycle them. And out of the many ways that I can reuse my old CDs, I have found several uses for them in the garden. 

Old CDs are nifty things to have in the garden. I use them to ward off birds and cats using their shiny sides just like scarecrows... only they are shiny. All there is to it is to attach a string to the CD and hang it in an area in your garden that has been ravaged by the birds. I found this technique effective and the birds were really scared of the flashy lights that the CDs emit. I underestimated the birds because a few days later, they were no longer scared of them. However, this contraption has still some use because my cats - which consider the garden as their litter box - were no longer pooping in the garden because of the suspended CDs.

On the other hand, I also use them to protect replanted seedlings from the heat of the sun. It's summer here so the mid afternoon sun is really harsh but CD teepees are very effective in protecting my transplanted seedlings. Once the seedlings got bigger, I replaced the CD teepees with the teepees made from jewelry cases (CD glass cases) to allow my growing seedlings to bask in the sun.

I have yet to decide what I should do with the other old CDs lying around so this will definitely not my last post about it. ^_^

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