Thursday, April 12, 2012

Full Time Career Woman Then, Full Time Mom Now

For five years, I have worked in the BPO industry starting out as a call center agent before I became a QA specialist. It is true that given my course, BS in Computer Science, I can work with other industries that require my expertise but I opted to work in this industry instead because I need to earn more to support my daughter. Let’s face it, the reason why a lot of people are tempted to work in this industry is that the job pays well and you get other perks and incentives too. While working at this industry, I met a lot of single moms who also opted for this job because it pays well compared to the usual 8am to 5pm jobs. The pay is even better if you are in the night shift. Yes! I have braved working in the night shift just so I can earn more because the company gives night allowances aside from the basic salary. Leaving the house at 11pm or 12 midnight, I always fear walking the dark streets in our village just so I can get to the main highway where I can ride PUJs to my work. In fact, when I didn’t know that I was pregnant, I endured the night shift for three months before the company doctor recommended that I should transfer to the day shift for the sake of my health.

While working full time, I left the care of my daughter to my mother or my older sister. That is the beauty about Filipino family tradition. However, my career was halted when my mother died last year (bless her soul) so I have to resign to become a full time mom now. Leaving my daughter to the care of the househelp is a big no-no. Being a full time mom and a single parent is a very scary thing. First, I no longer have a steady job where I can get secure funds by the end of the month. Second, how can I raise my daughter all by myself with the prices soaring up these days? And yes, my daughter is going to the big school next year so good luck to me. Although I have lots of apprehensions about resigning from my job, I never regretted my decision. I know there is always a silver lining in every cloud and I can work things out on my own even if I just stay at home. God forbid the day when me and my daughter will have nothing more to eat. As long as I live, I will strive hard to give her a good future.

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