Friday, April 13, 2012

What Changed After I Resigned

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There are lots of tings that happened after I resigned from my job to become a fulltime mom. One of the best things about being a fulltime mom is that I get to bond with my daughter. It is very surprising that I know only a little about my daughter while she was growing up. This is probably because while I was busy at work, I was not able to see her all the time. I was surprised that my daughter follows little rituals before bedtime and also before getting up. She was like a total stranger to me when she makes demands about things that I don’t have any idea what they are all about. It is a good thing that my sister is there to tell me figure out these things.

Another thing is that I now have lots of time in my hands to take care of my daughter, do my tasks as an article writer and also do this blog. However, it takes some time getting used to not waking up very early in the morning to get ready for work. I am enjoying the benefits but there are still times when I fear about the future. After all, as a freelancer and fulltime mom, I have to be the one to deal with my SSS, Philhealth, HDMF (Pag-Ibig) and a plethora of insurances unlike when working wherein I rely so much on the Human Resources Department. Now, I am the one who goes out to pay for all of these. I find it liberating to do it on my own because I now know the ins and outs of dealing with people from these agencies.

I rarely do house chores when I still worked except during Saturdays and Sundays so being a full time mom can be very challenging because I have to know where things are kept inside the house. I also need to know some chores that I don’t necessarily do during the weekend. And since I need to save money, I have to let go of my house help. And so being a fulltime mom taught me how to be practical and practice the art of being frugal.

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