Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting Kids Ready For School And How To Break The Habit Of Oversleeping

It’s just a months away from school but my daughter is already excited to go to preparatory school and see her friends once more. My problem, however, is that she tends to oversleep every morning. Although her school is just a three-minute walk from our house, I am a bit worried because she might make this as a habit comes this June.

Getting kids ready for school can be a tough job. Kids these days are adamant compared to my generation. My mother used to tell me that they will sleep early at night because they have to save the oil in their lampara. Moreover, they also wake up at three or four in the morning to get ready for school. Why so early? Because they have to chop firewood to cook their meals, fetch water from the well and go to the farm to pick vegetables for their breakfast.

 These days, people don’t need to look for firewood or fetch water every morning and electricity is also available 24/7 so kids have a lot of distraction to prevent them from sleeping early at night. Thus, this lifestyle influenced the kids today  to sleep late and also wake up late in the morning.  However, there are still ways for you to make your child break the habit of oversleeping in the morning.

(1)    Shop together for a cute alarm clock. Children have a sense of pride when they own a particular thing and if you shop together for an alarm clock that they will love, they will definitely be excited to use them.

(2)    Organize a fun activity for them for the following days. Before bedtime, I tell my daughter that we will be doing a fun activity tomorrow and this makes her look forward for the next day. Last month,  they had a pajama party at school and so I decided to tell her all about it three days before the party. I also showed her the calendar and pointed to her the day of the pajama party so she will having something to look forward to the following days. This was very effective because my daughter slept and woke up early for three straight days  prior to that event.

(3)    Make waking up early into a habit. Even if it is still vacation, it is important that you train your child to wake up early every morning. This is very important so that your kids will have the discipline to wake up early in the morning without fail.

(4)    Set an example. As parents, it is always important to set an example to kids. Thus, if you want them to sleep early and wake up early, make sure that you also do the same. 

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