Monday, August 6, 2012

Supermom Edition: DIY Make-Over Of Old Narra Furniture

 Wow! It has been a month since I have updated this blog. I guess we were really busy with cleaning up or I am experiencing writer's block for quite some time. Nevertheless I am glad to be back. 

During my last post, I mentioned about embarking on a one-year DIY project in decorating our home.  Personally, I find it unnecessary to buy new furniture and aside from not having enough money to afford them, we have a lot of odds and ends left from the recent renovation of our home. Moreover, I feel like I am doing my fare share to the environment by recycling old stuffs into something useful. And so, for my first project, I will be showing you how to transform and old and battered narra furniture into something that is useful and functional. 

We have an old center rotating dining table made from narra wood that our mother brought 22 years ago. As kids, we take turns spinning the center table and if it was soup that we have for dinner, it would have been spilt even before dinner was over. Sometime, we also hop on the table and take turns spinning it as though we were in the playground. When our mother caught us one afternoon, she immediately removed the top and hid it somewhere in the house. It was not only this year that we have found the table when the house was renovated. Because it was full of dust and it has lost some of its luster,  we thought it would not match the dining table anymore. And so we decided to make it into a coffee cum working table for the kids.

This is how the center table looks like. It may look smooth but trust me, it has burnt areas for some unknown reasons, candle marks and pen markings all over. 

I first had a furniture maker craft me three wooden legs. The legs he made were too long so I have him cut it for me to the desired height. Of course, my skills in carpentry is very minimal so I have to ask the carpenter to attach everything for us.Once he’s done, I set to the task of sanding it down and painting it with leftover enamel paint- red. I think this will go well with our small library.

And here is the finished product. All I did was to sand it down, add leftover primer and red paint. Nice, eh?

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