Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prayer: An Even More Powerful Weapon Than Gun

As I rummage through my thoughts on what to write, I suddenly thought about tatay and nanay and how happy they must be in heaven now. I also thought about September as the rosary month and so my post for tonight is sublime. Here it goes.

 With two priests in our clan, a lot of people tell me that we are religious. Unfortunately, there was a time when we didn’t go to church or involved ourselves with its activities for years. That was right after my father died. As years go by, we encountered more problems  and eventually we stopped going to church altogether.

Although everything was fine and dandy even if we didn’t pray, something was still lacking. In fact, getting by then was very challenging and we have to put in every ounce of our efforts just to do the things that we want to achieve. Moreover, even simple problems turn into monstrosity because we lacked faith for a long time.

It wasn’t until last year when we were given by one of our priest cousin a statue of the Lady of Mediatrix that we started renewing back our fate. Personally, I made a pun and  said that it would be a shame and an insult to the giver if we didn’t offer prayers to Her  and so we started to pray the rosary.

Although we recited the rosary then, I still feel like we were not really that serious about it. I know that was bad but as time went by, praying has become a habit and going to church followed suit. Although I still couldn’t see 360-degree changes after renewing my faith, I noticed that everything seems easy to deal with.

Even big problems seem easy to surpass. It was not long when we started to embrace prayer as part of the family and even if mother died and left us for good, we didn't stop despite her absence. If not for prayer, we would have been stuck in a limbo. Personally, we believe that prayer is one of the most important legacy that our mother left us and even if there are a lot of things that come our way, everything seems to be okay. I know because we have the best arsenal that’s even more powerful than a gun to protect us 24/7. And by the way, it has been one year since we started the habit of praying the rosary everyday. Time definitely flies fast.

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