Tuesday, September 4, 2012

When Will This Hiatus End?

(Sigh)... I am convinced that I am performing poorly with this blog and I hope that this isn't just one of my ningas cogon endeavors. I mean, I was so excited to write and post some entries the first two months since I started but now, I am down to two or three posts per month! The funny thing is that my schedule isn't even busy lately. And although I mentioned before that we were busy with the house cleaning, I somehow lied about it. Sorry. What's more, I think I also need encouragement.

I would have loved to post more entries and I have a document prepared already with some interesting topics but I haven't even bothered opening the file at all. A few days ago, I promised that I will post two or three articles per week to make it up to my readers (if there are any at all). But, uh-oh! It is   September which is the busiest month of the year next to December. We have to prepare for 9-day novena for father's death anniversary, clean the house for the house blessing, do volunteer works for the prayer group and, oh well, there's still my birthday to culminate the events for this month.

And so, when will this hiatus end?

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