Wednesday, November 28, 2012

On Christmas Bonuses And Holiday Spending

This post is not about telling you what to do with your Christmas bonuses. After all, it has been years since I have received a Christmas bonus and I am in no position to give any advice at all. The fate of Christmas bonuses varies from one employee to the other and the manner of spending Christmas bonuses depend on the lifestyle and priorities of a person. In most cases, employees have anticipated for their Christmas bonuses and the moment that they get it, the soonest they spend it for their needs and wants. In fact, the month of December is the only time when people can get more earnings throughout the year so this is the perfect time to spend bonuses on things that will bring them gratification.

Before I became a freelancer, I used to get giddy during the holiday seasons because I know that I will be getting thrice the amount that I am earning at work. Getting Christmas bonuses then was the best  time to buy personal stuffs and also other stuffs for the family as keepsakes. Christmas is the time when almost all people feel rich and this is the reason why most criminal minds are actively on prowl during this particular holiday (so beware if you plan to go shopping during the holiday rush). This is also the time when people spend their bonuses blissfully.  However,  there is an end to this holiday and if you are not too careful with your expenses, you might end up facing the harsh reality of paying your creditors after the holiday is over. I am not raining on your parade and I do not intend you to really go frugal this Christmas. What I am saying is that you should, at least, exercise control on your spending during the holiday so that you still have enough for the coming days. Lastly, don't forget to keep a small amount of your bonus in your savings.

Anyway, whatever you plan with your Christmas bonuses is entirely up to you but remember that Christmas is all about rejoicing for the birth of Christ and not about commercial  celebrations. Have a blessed holidays.

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