Friday, December 28, 2012

Do You Need To Make It Big Just To Be Happy?

So you heard that one of your friends have just won the lottery or had a career boost recently and you cannot help but imagine yourself what if it was you who were experiencing all of these. Well, it is part of human nature to be envious but when it comes to happiness, do you really need to make it big just to be truly happy?

If you ask me this question two years ago, my answer would have been “yes” but after a dramatically pivotal event that happened in my life a year ago,  I can say now that even the simplest things in life can bring a lot of happiness.

Happiness is subjective. Your idea of being happy might not be the same with your peers nor even with your closest friends. So don’t compare their lives and their achievements to yours. Life can be blissful if you choose it to be. Honestly, before, I was one of the many people who would cram things into my life just to prove my worth to society. Later on I realized that what truly mattered is how you value the most important things in your life.

Your core happiness lies on not having a great and successful career or having tons of money. Success and money fade over time leaving behind only the things that are important. Moreover, the source of happiness depends on your value. For me, my happiness lies with my family and this is the reason why I shunned all other things that are unnecessary (including my career, maybe).

Now, I look shabby and I may not have the finery  that life has to offer but I am at peace with myself and with other people around me. I did not regret my decisions of shunning everything but my family and somehow the calmness that is settling in my life has also made me realize that I am rich not in worldly things but with the love I get from those who matters.

To be truly happy, you need to genuinely look inside of you and ask yourself if this is what you truly wanted and whether it will bring you happiness within the next 10 or 15 years. If not, then perhaps it can only bring superficial happiness. And just like all other things, they will fade away sooner than you think.

So, do you need to make it big to be happy? I daresay NO! Happiness is a matter of disposition.

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