Thursday, December 20, 2012

Making Christmas Decors From Garbage

As part of our DIY project, we planned to make Christmas decors out of our junks during the first week of November. In fact, I had already sketched some plans in my notebook on what to do with our junks but I did not have enough drive to make something nice out of them. It was only recently that I managed to make something out of them after realizing that it is only less than 30 days before Christmas and after the countless hounding of my daughter about not putting up a decent Christmas tree in the living room. So what can you make from these junks?
What these are: old foams, metal wire, bottles and plastic bags which are used to make recycled decors

 With some creativity, you can turn your junk into these simple yet eco-friendly d├ęcors such as these.

Christmas elves and Santa using beer and wine bottles.

Peppermint wreath made from old foam, cardboard and felt cloth scraps

Candy cane made from old foam, cardboard, white cellophane, old buttons, red yarn and felt cloth scrap poinsettias.

All of these things are made from scrap materials that I have collected at home. I’ll gladly tell you how I made these things but that will be in another post. Have a merry and green Christmas everyone!

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