Sunday, January 13, 2013

Harvested Turmeric Rhizomes In The Vegetable Patch

I had the opportunity to taste turmeric tea (also called luyang dilaw in vernacular)  but I didn't like it. However, because of its many health benefits, I wanted to plant one in the garden. Unfortunately, finding turmeric rhizomes then was very difficult. I have to scour all public markets here in Davao City until I was able to find one in Panacan. 

The turmeric rhizomes that we planted in the backyard a year ago were showing signs that they were ready to be harvested. When they first showed their buds, I was so excited because that was the first time that I have seen turmeric flowers in my entire life. The flowers look very exotic and so I decided to pluck them out to make them into a flower arrangement. 

Turmeric flowers shooting up from dirt.

It is refreshing to see turmeric flowers in a vase full of water.

Digging out the dirt to get the rhizomes (specialized root) was very fun and all five plants yielded a lot of rhizomes but I find pulling them from the ground exhausting. The root system of turmeric is rather strong so I have to battle with the resisting plant while I was harvesting them. Planting them on wide pots is an option because the roots do not go down deep into the soil. I’ll do that the next time I am going to plant turmeric.

Look at how fresh these rhizomes are!

Now, I have enough turmeric rhizomes to make into tea for several months. I also have a lot of these rhizomes to make into chicken curry and arroz valenciana. I can also use them when I make rendang and finally I can now make alavar sauce using them. I am also excited to make Semifreddo (ice cream) soon.

We went ahead and used some of the rhizomes to make Arroz Valenciana.

I don’t think I will be able to consume all rhizomes and so for those that will be leftover, I will be replanting them again in the garden for next year's harvest.

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