Friday, January 11, 2013

New Changes In Solohomemaker

I have decided to make new changes for this blog starting this year. If you notice, my blog is now The Solo Homemakers take note that the word homemakers is in plural form which means that there will be two writers in this blog starting today. I plan to enlist the help of my sister to write articles for the Finances and Gardening sections. Actually, she has been helping me out a lot lately especially about ideas on personal finance and I want to give her credit for it. She also started the Gardening section of this blog but haven't posted any articles on it yet. Hope you'll patronize her too.  Another obvious change that you will notice in the following days is the layout of my blog. Unfortunately,  I am still working on changing its layout as I have yet to learn graphic design but  if you know someone who is a graphic artist that I can hire, that will make my life easier.We are really serious about making this blog work and I plan to launch its own page at Facebook as soon as I reach 100 posts (that will be a few months from now). So please support us... maybe?

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