Sunday, March 31, 2013

My Daughter Has Finally Graduated… From Preparatory!

I couldn’t be any prouder for my daughter. She is finally graduated from preparatory school. It seems like it was just yesterday that I have enrolled her for kindergarten with  nary a knowledge of A-B-Cs or 1-2-3s. Now, she is reading children’s books like crazy, doing her spellings on the floor and doing her additions and subtractions sometimes on the walls. Within two years, she persevered to learn all of these things and more.

But her transformation has not been very easy at all. I remember the times when I have difficulty waking her up at 7:00am because she was not used to waking up early. There was a time that she wouldn’t believe me that the flag ceremony - which is her favorite school event -  will start with or without her. We even argued a lot of times  about it until, fed up, I decided to start late on purpose just so she would believe me. She cried when she heard the school bell and the whole school signing the Pambansang Awit. After that, she never wanted to be late for school again. There was also the time when she found it difficult to study until I discovered that she would only strive hard if I do reverse psychology on her. I’d tell her that her tita is better than her at spelling and she would spell like crazy afterwards although she spelled most of the words incorrectly. Haha! Although there are times when she would still lack focus and would rather play, I let her be. After all, she is still a child and I was once a child too. I understand her.

Anyway, my daughter is finally graduating and even though she still has a very long way to go (thanks to the K + 12 program), I am excited to see her enter the big school. I am excited for her to make more milestones for her life. And even if she did not get any special awards this year, I don’t care. It is more than enough for me to see her go up the stage and claim her victory. I know that she worked so hard for it.  And to all parents whose children have just graduated, congratulations! I know that I should have made this post two weeks ago but who cares about it if its late? =D

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