Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Two Versions Of Blueberry Cakes

The Lenten Season is finally over and I can go back to baking sinful cakes again. We had a Balikbayan Box delivered to us two months ago and it contained several canned blueberries. Not having enough money to afford cream cheese to make blueberry cheese cake,  I decided to make  two versions of  blueberry cakes instead. 

Blueberry Cake With Chantilly Cream

For this particular cake, I just used the basic vanilla cake recipe which I wrote a post a month ago.  You can refer to the recipe by clicking on the link. 

What I did though was to add two spoonfuls of blue berry filling to the batter before putting them in the oven. 

For the topping, I used chantilly cream. The chantilly cream is a fancy word for whipped cream. To make this, you will need  1 cup heavy cream with 1 tablespoon sugar and beating the mixture using an electric beater. Pour the cream over  the top of the cake and add leftover blueberry filling. Let the cake chill inside the fridge for an hour before serving. By the way, if you have excess cream, you can make mango float or you can make blueberry float instead. 

Blueberry Cake With  Royal Icing

This particular cake was made from the basic vanilla cake recipe. What makes it different from the first cake is that I did not add blueberry preserves in the batter. 

I used royal icing to decorate the cake. Royal icing is made from egg whites and sugar. The mixture is then whipped   until soft peaks formed. 

To make the cake more festive, I added blueberry preserves on top and  started playing around with my spatula to get a rough texture of the icing. I also added a leftover cherry for color. For the leftover egg icing, I used them to decorate the homemade cookies which I will make a separate post in the near future.

These cakes are so delicious that they did not last long outside the fridge. With the birthday celebration of a niece along with the moving up day of my daughter her two cousins, the cake was consumed almost immediately after being served. 

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