Saturday, April 6, 2013

Recently Addicted To Bento Stuffs From Saizen

From the majority of my posts here, you would think that this is a food blog. I guess cooking and baking is becoming a favorite diversion these days. Anyway, recently I have been frequenting Saizen (An 88PhP-everything store) that sells nifty Japanese knick knacks and, yes, I love collecting their cute bento stuffs. Bento - a Japanese word for lunchbox - is revered all over the world for its cuteness.

Saizen has existed in the Philippines for nearly a decade already but here in Davao City, a store has opened the same a big Robinson's Mall also opened  a couple of years ago. Although a little bit cramped compared with the other Saizen branches in the country, our local Saizen store still has a lot of stocks of things like pepper and salt shakers, cosmetics and other kitchen thingamajigs that I have not idea what they are. Currently, I have a seaweed puncher (the type that cuts seaweed wrappers to a particular shape) and several cookie molds.

Thanks to the Saizen store, moms with picky eaters like me will be able to make something cute and edible for the kids. I am still new in bento making but here is a preview of some of the things that I have made from the stuffs that I bought from Saizen. 

Hello Kitty toasts go great with hot chocolate

These little piggies will definitely be eaten!

I'd love to post some of the things that Saizen sell but apparently I felt very awkward every time I take it out in the store. I have to muster up the courage to ask the in-charge if it is okay to take pictures. And by the way, for those who do not know, they are located at 3rd Floor Robinson's Department Store in Abreeza Mall. It's beside the hardware.

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