Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bento 2 - Yellow Bear Tamago Onigiri

Last night, I was doodling on a piece of paper and I realized that I have drawn a poor sketch of Kerberos from Card Captor Sakura and so I decided to make a Kero-rice this morning. I was so excited while making it but I realized after slaving in the kitchen that I got several parts of him wrong and so I aptly name this bento rice Yellow Bear Tamago Onigiri (Yellow Bear Egg Rice Ball). Blame it on the poor sketch! 

I will definitely try another Kero-chan rice using the right colors next time.  For those of you who have no idea how this manga character looks like, click here and you will see what I mean about getting his color or even his ears wrong. Even if this is the case, I still loved the way this bento rice turned out and so for this particular recipe, all there is to it is for you to prepare the following:

Yellow Bear Rice

* 1 egg
* 1 cup hot rice
* 1 sliced cheese
* nori sheet (for the face details)
* side dishes

Beat 1 egg and make a scrambled egg out of it. Once done, mince the egg into small pieces and add it to 1 cup of rice. Mix well until the egg is incorporated with the rice. Add more eggs if you want your rice to have more color. When the rice mixture is no longer too hot to the touch, moisten your hands and form the rice into three balls (one big for the face and two for the ears). 

Using a clean pair of kitchen scissors, cut out three small circles (two for the eyes and one for the nose). Set aside. Also, cute the desired shape of the bear's mouth. This step is a bit challenging to do because you have to work with very small pieces of the nori for the face details but if you have a clean pair of tweezers to handle the seaweed sheet, it makes your job easier. 

I almost forgot. Don't forget to  cut out the cheese for his ears. Assemble everything inside the lunch box and put in the desired side dishes. The side dishes include round fish cakes and squid adobo to add Filipino flavor to the dish. 

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