Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bento 3 - Panda Onigiri

Pandas! Who doesn't love them? I dreamed about black and white yesterday so I woke up today having the urge to make something in the kitchen and I ended up with this: 

This panda-inspired onigiri (rice ball) is made from nothing more than white rice, black sesame seeds, nori sheets and green beans. The legs, ears and arms of the panda are made from white rice mixed with ground black sesame seeds while the face details are made from cut out nori sheets. I used stringed beans to mimic green bamboo shoots. After I was finished, I did not have the heart to eat it... it's just too cute!

It seems that I have been making charaben these days and I have been neglecting the other categories in the blog but I promise to make other posts aside from this category as soon as I get free some of my schedule. Writing about bento stuffs is fun and easy and it is a great diversion for me but I think I should be writing more serious stuffs next time. ^_^

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