Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Motivate Yourself: Shock Your System

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The first quarter has already passed and it seems that I still lacked the motivation in order to achieve most of my yearly goals. It is so easy to utter promises to yourself until you realized the gravity of those promises. I never realized that trying out a new hobby or saving more would be this hard. I suspect that I must be doing something wrong until recently, I realized that I needed something to push myself to become motivated.

But how do I push myself to be motivated? Well, I am going to try this concept about shocking your system.  The “shock-your-system” concept is something that I heard from Bro. Bo Sanchez and although he referred to this concept on personal finance, I still think that it is applicable to almost everything that we need to be motivated for.

Shocking your system is all about making a 360-degree turn in one particular facet in your life. However, how does one find more motivation to change one aspect of his or her life to begin with? This is not a matter of listing down the things that you want to achieve. There is more to it to become motivated.  The answer is to look for or create events that will let you reflect about what you have been doing with your life so far and use these events to move forward.

This is evident among people who were told by their doctors that they need to exercise otherwise they  will get complications with their health within the next five years. Some people who also experienced rejection use it to motivate themselves to move forward. Haven’t you wondered why most people become better individuals after recovering from  heartaches?

The thing is that we only live once and nobody can guarantee that we will live to be a hundred or die after our thirtieth birthday. What  matters is for us to use whatever life lessons we have as a tool to motivate and change our lives for the better. I will definitely use this system but, first things first, I need to look for events in the past as well as in the present to motivate me. Hope you find yours, too.


  1. Hi Mercid,

    Just dropping by from Fitz' website.

    I think shocking our system is just a temporary way of changing our behavior, but after some time we'll go back to our old habits. I think we should really look for deeply rooted reasons why we should do the things we should do. This way, we can create a long-lasting habit that motivates us and help us move towards our goal.

    1. Hi, Elvin. Thanks for dropping by. I agree with you. It takes more than introducing ourselves to shocking situations to be able to develop long-lasting habits but still we have to start somewhere. The decision still depends on us whether we use the lessons we have learned in our lives or treat them as something irrelevant. ^_^


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