Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bento 4 - Super Mario Onigiri

We were doing spring cleaning a few months ago and I found a relic of an old Nintendo family computer in one of the cabinets at home. It was so old that it collected dust over the years and it has lost its luster already. Most of the wires were gnawed probably by mice and I doubt if it will run again if we give it a little buff. 

Interestingly enough, the family computer still has the old Super Mario game cartridge embedded on it. I could not remember the last time we used it but it seemed that we really loved playing it when we were still young because we never bothered to remove the cartridge from the machine. 

It brought back many nostalgic childhood memories in my mind. I made this Super Mario onigiri a few months ago but I think this is something worth sharing. To make Super Mario rice ball, you will need the following:

Super Mario Rice Ball

* Paprika rice for the face, ears and nose
* Ketchup rice for the hat
* Nori for the face details
* A clean toothpick
* Ketchup
* Cheese slices for the hat details and eyes
* Ceram wrap
* A pair of scissors

Season cooked white rice with a pinch of salt and paprika. Add just enough paprika to give the rice a light reddish-brown color. Using a ceram wrap, form  Mario’s ears, nose and face. Set aside.

On another bowl, season rice with ketchup to make the hat. Form Mario’s hat using a ceram wrap and set aside.

Cut Mario’s face details using small pieces of nori sheets. Use a pair of scissors to cut his eye balls, side burns and moustache.  On the other hand, cut three circles on your cheese slices as they will be used for the hat detail and for Mario’s eyes. Assemble everything on the plate or lunch box. Use a clean toothpick to put the details on to Mario’s face.

As usual, I had a hard time eating this onigiri because it looked so cute. Anyway, I am still thinking of making a Luigi onigiri but I have yet to decide whether I should use mashed broccoli or cabbages to  dye the rice green. 

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