Friday, August 2, 2013

Bento - 5 Inuyasha Fruit Bento Plate

Chibi Inuyasha made from turnip, watermelon and grapes
We are currently eating raw diet which means that most of what we ingest are fruits and vegetables. God, I miss rice! With a surplus of fruits in the fridge, I decided to make myself an interesting lunch – an Inuyasha fruit bento plate. 

I just love Rumiko Takahashi's manga character Inuyasha. The reason why I tried to make fruit bento patterned out of him is that aside from having the supplies available, I have also fond memories watching the anime series. And since this is the first time that I am going to test my knife skills in making bento, I choose an easier pattern of Inuyasha to work with.   For this lunch project, I used the following fruits and materials:

Inuyasha Fruit Bento
A giant hand trying to pick Inuyasha up.

Thin slices of watermelon
Thin slices of turnips
Sesame seeds
Nori sheets
Cutter board
Clean toothpick
Ceram wrap
Parchment paper
Inuyasha pattern
Scalpel (I have one for bento-making purposes)
Assorted fruits (optional)

Use the sharpie to trace the pattern on the parchment paper. I got my pattern here. Once done, set aside the

pattern and cut thin slices of watermelon (clothes) and turnip (hair). Pat them dry using a paper towel.  

Place each segment of fruit on to a clean cutter board. I have a cutter board and scalpel that I use solely for bento-making so I am sure that they are clean. Place a ceram wrap over the fruits before placing the pattern on top. Trace the pattern to make Inuyasha’s hair and clothes.

For his face hands and foot, I just dipped a slice of turnip into diluted molasses to color it brown. Once you have everything, assemble it in a platter. Use sesame seeds and cut-out nori sheets for the nose and eyes, respectively. Use a clean toothpick to attach them carefully on to the face. Decorate the plate with assorted fruit slices.  Honestly, I did not have the courage to eat it (but we did eat the assorted fruits)  so it is still in the fridge until now.

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