Friday, May 23, 2014

Keep Calm And Start A Garden

Not everything that I do is spent on work and in the kitchen. I am also a person who loves digging dirt on the ground and watch things grow from it.  As much as I would like to spend my time in the garden, I do have other pressing things that I need to attend to. Unfortunately, I haven’t done a lot of things except  plant seedlings haphazardly within its limited space.

Growing my own garden started out as a need to create a space where I can seek solace. It is a great therapy for me to work surrounded by greeneries. I also started this garden so that I can grow my own organic fresh produce and shorten my trips to the market but I have yet to achieve this particular goal because I am still starting out. Deciding which vegetables I should grow and mustering the courage to destroy my mom’s not-so manicured lawn can be tough.

Although my vegetables are still growing and I am not yet really enjoying fresh produce, I can say that I am starting to love my garden and so does my daughter. What I do have now are several Zinnia plants that my daughter loves collecting everyday to make rustic floral arrangement in the kitchen. I also have several edible leaves like sweet potatoes, water spinach, cos lettuce, turmeric, okra, peppers and a few baby corn ears. I am so excited to take pictures of my weekly harvest.

I’d like to see my garden grow soon  and I hope that it is not just some passing fancy that I have just like the other projects that  I have started. I still have a lot of plans and I am still starting my journey  but blogging about it will definitely help me keep track on my gardening journey. Besides, I get to see these cute boots everyday too. I wonder if I can buy adult sizes for it.

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