Thursday, September 25, 2014

Radishes Growing In The Garden

The small radish plot in my backyard garden.
A lot of things have happened since I last posted in this blog. Most of them trivial while some of them were big. But I am just glad to pick up on my writing again. Anyway, I  got a seed packet from a cousin a few months ago and she told me her daughter bought it from a seed vendor who visited her school. Since she does not have any space in her house to plant them, she gave the seed packet to me instead. The seeds were spray painted blue so I was not sure that they would grow. Sorry, I did not have any pictures of them while they were sprouting. 

 Fast forward today, I was able to grow the radishes (both in pots and in a small garden plot) and I am also growing two of them for seeds. Honestly, I never really liked the taste of radishes. They have this strong and spicy taste on them but after eating a handful of  my harvest each day, I can now tolerate the taste.  I have planted my radishes near the compost pile so they grow very big leaves and  ample-sized tubers.But since I live in the tropics and my house is only five meters above sea level, will I ever be able to grow gigantic radishes I often find in cold regions? Nevertheless, I am so contented with what I have.
One of my radishes growing in the dirt.

Two types of leaves my radish seed packet produced: I suspect the right one as a
 Daikon variety but I couldn't be too sure. Radish leaves are also great in
stir fry or, at least, that's what my taste buds said. 

I am growing this radish for seeds. I have yet to try out whether I should harvest
the pods or let them dry up while still attached on the plant.

The flowers and pods of radishes.

I am excited to make seeds from them so that I can continue growing radishes in the future and may harvest everyday. But since my supply is still not enough, I still get radishes from the local market. I just hope I won't get too lazy to continue what I have started and so last week, I bought more seeds from a supplier I found online and I will be busy in the garden from now on (hopefully). I might also be busy with this blog starting today, too, to document my gardening adventures. 

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