Saturday, June 30, 2012

Debunking Nutrition Myths

July is Nutrition Month and what better way to start this month's blog entry than to write  posts related to food and nutrition (with parenting on the side, of course).

When talking about "nutrition", most of you might think that it is all about eating the right kinds of foods. However, there is more to nutrition than eating the right kinds of food. And so today, I will be debunking some common nutrition myths that most parents have believed in for a long time.

Myth: Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is better than frozen or canned.
Fact: Although it is encouraged by many parents to feed their children fresh food, there are some canned foods that are better when processed. For instance, lycopene from tomato is easily absorbed by the body if it has been processed. Moreover, canned corn is also better in terms of nutrition value compared with fresh ones.Thank goodness I love buying canned corns!

Myth: Body weight is a good indicator of health.
Fact: Everyone has a unique body composition. Health is indicated by different factors including presence of illnesses, quality of life of an individual related to health and also weight. Thus said, a person who has an obese body weight is not necessary unhealthy depending on the lifestyle that he or she leads.

Myth: Eating carbohydrate-rich foods lead to weight gain.
Fact: It is not carbohydrates that's making you gain weight. It is the intake of excessive amounts of calorie. All types of food contain calories and it is eating in excess can make you fat through time. So munch as much fries as you can but remember to measure your calorie intake. So parents, make your children eat as many foods as they want but make sure that you control the amount of calorie that they take in.

Myth: Eating sugar can lead to diabetes
Fact: Diabetes is in your genes so eating sugar will not cause diabetes unless it is in your lineage. Although this may be the case, weight gain can increase the risk of diabetes so you should not take in a lot of sugar in your system.

Debunking these myths is very important so that you will be able to apply the facts especially on your kids.

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